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Michael Heart Sings For The People Of Gaza

Peace, Propaganda and Promised Land

It is just incredibly important that everyone understand what the truth is, be outraged about it and do something to effect change. The U.S. government's culpability is as blatant as the whitewash they put on our distilled news. Watch, learn, get angry, do something! If every person who sees this does one thing to make things better, be it write to congressmen, spread awareness, donate to the oppressed people, pray for them, just SOMETHING, then a movement begins to form and change cannot be far behind. And if everyone turns away, nothing changes and innocent people continue being bombed, imprisoned, tortured, killed. I would like to think that we are more evolved than that and we will all use the compassion that sets us apart from the animals. EDIT: I would like to add here that my outrage is due to the nature of the attacks and NOT the politics of the region. I do not know enough about the history and politics of these people to form an opinion about that. There are and have been acts of war and violence on both sides of the conflict. However, when people are treated as you can clearly see these people are treated, you can expect them to revolt against that as anyone in the world certainly would. To use such force to stop whatever bombing has been taking place against Israel is simply overkill. Bombing schools, hospitals, places of worship, residential neighborhoods and relief supply buildings is outrageous.

The Truth About How Katrina Was Handled


Two movies everyone should watch and understand.

Zeitgeist ~ The Movie
Zeitgeist Addendum

Sunday, March 22, 2009